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Teen Surprises Girlfriend With ‘Best Day of My Life’ Musical ‘Prom-Posal’

The prom is a big deal, and the prom proposal – where one half of a couple asks his or her sweetheart to the big event in an over-the-top way – is just as important.

One high school student placed his prom-posal on a huge billboard in town. Another sent a fake college rejection letter to his intended. Others have created clever videos, including one girl who covered Phillip Phillips’ hit song to ask the “American Idol” singer to her prom. (Even though he couldn’t make it, he’s giving her free tickets to an upcoming show.)

And one boy got “Breaking Bad” star Bryan Cranston – channeling the character of meth kingpin Walter White – to do the asking for him.

Josh Meisner, a junior at Lee-Davis High School in Mechanicsville, Va., may have them all beaten. This morning, he delivered a spectacular prom-posal live on “Good Morning America” to girlfriend Samantha Davis.

‘Promposals’ Get Creative

Davis, also a junior at Lee-Davis, had no idea what was in store for her. She believed that she and her theater group, the Lee-Davis Players, were being interviewed by a local TV station because of their recent production of  “Grease.”

“GMA” correspondent Rachel Smith was at the “interview,” and she pulled an unsuspecting Davis from the crowd and asked her to watch a video by her boyfriend.

After Meisner’s taped rendition of “Best Day of My Life,” by American Authors, Meisner came out and sang some of the song live.

Teacher Has Big Prom Surprise for Students on ‘GMA’

He then got down on one knee and asked Davis to go to the prom with him.

Davis was so surprised she could only, at first, manage an enthusiastic nod of her head to say “yes.”

Confirming just how big of a surprise the prom-posal was, Meisner felt he had to apologize for misleading his girlfriend.

“I feel really bad about all the lies I’ve had to tell,” Meisner said.

After a hug and a kiss for her boyfriend and new prom date, Davis confirmed that her boyfriend’s prom-posal was beyond expectations.

“Yes,” Davis said, when asked if Meisner’s proposal was “over-the-top enough.”

Rent the Runway will give Davis a dress that she can wear to the prom and keep. Men’s Wearhouse will provide a tuxedo for Meisner.

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