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My friends have been asking me to write this review for months now and I’ve finally taken time from dating to write this web page.

Most men do not know the secret about meeting and attracting women because men and women are attracted in two very DIFFERENT ways.

Men see a woman who is attractive and immediately are attracted. Hence, women spend collectively billions of dollars on “stuff” to make them look good.

Women are attracted to men who cause them to FEEL the emotions of attraction. And once a woman FEELS attracted, she pictures the guy (you) as good looking.

Most men get this wrong and think that they need a fancy car, big home, big title, and so on. Most men go to their graves having worked all their life to achieve material items to get women (or gave up and decided that it was impossible) when all they had to do was learn how to REALLY meet, attract and sleep with the beautiful women of their choosing.

I used to be a computer nerd. While I still am average looking and have a small bank account, I AM a self confessed playboy. What is even more important is that I believe you can have the same or even MORE success than I have right now with women.

The challenge comes in that with over 50 DIFFERENT guides online for meeting and attracting women (and having more dates), which should you choose? There is the Mystery Method, David DeAngelo, Social Dynamics, David Shade, and so on. What will work? Where should you put your hard earned money? Which are SCAMS?

With the understanding that I was writing a review site, I gained access to all of these dating systems as well as several thousand dollar seminars. If you were to purchase each product separately, it would have cost over $7,545.

Read on to discover what IS and what is NOT possible with these guides that claim to teach an average guy how to have phenomenal success meeting, attracting and creating relationships with beautiful women.

First, just getting a guide on how to meet, attract and sleep with women will NOT put women in your bed.

You actually have to go out and follow the steps. The good news is that even if you are scared to ask a girl what time it is, with the best guides, this will be a thing of the past.

Second, you probably will NOT have 100 dates your first week.

Most men get an average of 3-5 dates with new women per week following the recommended system. Out of these dates, about 1-2 turn into intimate encounters. The best testimonial I’ve received so far was from J.B. from Texas who had 17 dates his first two weeks and slept with 9 of those women. Even if you don’t have the results of J.B., you are likely to have a full calendar of new dates with women.

Third, you do NOT need to spend a lot of money to learn how to have success meeting, attracting and creating relationships with the women you desire.

Many dating coaches are selling seminars that range from $995 to $3,790 for a weekend, claiming to reveal the “next best magic secret”. I have spent the money on seminars so that you do not have to. The same “secrets” are revealed in the recommended system below.

Fourth, if you choose the WRONG training program to meet, attract and create relationships with the women you want, you may actually find yourself REPELLING the very women you want to attract and forever destroying your chances with them.

The worst part of choosing the wrong systems is that they instill damaging habits that are hard to break and could potentially sabotage your dating future for a very long time. Why risk it?

I evaluated the guides to meet, attract, and create great relationships with women based on the following criteria:

  • Meet Women – The methods taught work quickly, easily, and would they work for anyone to meet new women in any location.
  • Approach Anxiety – The system gives proven psychological methods to wipe out approach anxiety and create a relaxed, easy, and confident state.
  • Phone Numbers – Teaches how to quickly and easily get valid phone numbers from women and structure the interaction so that the women are waiting for your call or call YOU first.
  • Intimacy – The system gives proven systematic steps to lead a woman from meeting to the bedroom (and beyond into a fun mutually fulfilling relationship).
  • Work For Average Guys – I am not rich. Nor am I a model. Most guys are not. The system has to work for average looking guys to attract women using a deep understanding of psychology as well as female attraction circuitry.
  • Easy To Use – The system does not require a guy to do a lot of change, weird things, uncomfortable things or become someone you are not. The idea is to attract women based on who you are at your core so that you are congruent and can get the fastest results (e.g. tonight).
  • Work Anywhere – The system has to work for men who live anywhere in the world.

After you start using the methods taught on how to meet, attract, and create great relationships with the women you want, contact me  and let me know how things are going. I love getting success stories from guys.

Your friend,

Jason V. (California)



The Winner

Dating Mastery For Men #1 Rated System

The clear winner is the Dating Mastery for Men system. It got me the most dates, worked the fastest to attract women, and resulted in the most long, fun nights in bed. At the same time, men have reported to me that they’ve found their soul mate or gotten married with the woman of their dreams by following the system.

The philosophy behind the Dating Mastery For Men system and why it works so fast is that by just improving your Core Attraction Qualities, you naturally attract women who want to be with you.

The system includes the most wide ranged arsenal of attraction material (everything from humor, teasing, palm reading, games, tricks, gambits, kino escalation, mental games, and more). These methods are not designed to “trick” women into wanting you, but instead, to turn you into a man who naturally attracts women all the type by your personality and skills.

To supplement the Dating Mastery For Men system, you also get a free month of subscription to the audio series of interviews with male AND female dating, seduction, sex, and relationships experts. The understanding of female psychology is so powerful that men have told me that just just by listening to a few techniques and key concepts before going out, they came home accompanied instead of alone (as they had before).
In Summary: Dating Mastery for Men got me (and the men who have submitted testimonials) the fastest results meeting and attracting women as well as the greatest number of relationships (intimacy) with women they wanted. While some men are using the system to date multiple women at once, others have used it to find and marry their soul mate.

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Highly Recommended

2. Guy Gets Girl

Taking the number two spot, you have the book by Tiffany Taylor. The book is called Guy Gets Girl and when I tried out what this book taught it worked almost as well as the #1 rated system. I got almost as many dates, just about as many phone numbers, and in general I can highly recommend this one as well.

The Guy Get’s Girl site sells Tiffany’s book and it comes with a few bonuses. When you buy this one you get four eBooks:

  • Guy Gets Girl
  • The Definitive Microsex Guide
  • Conversation King
  • Secrets of a Sex Magnet

You also get membership to the site, but I didn’t really find this to be worth much.

The package itself offers decent value for your money, and all of the material taught is clearly laid out and easy to learn. With this book in your digital library you will get unique ideas for meeting, attracting and creating relationships with women..

The focus of this one is a little more on the side of getting women straight to the bedroom (which I found odd considering that a woman wrote it), but there is content for those who are looking for more relationships as well. It covers ideas on how to keep the girl, and not just on bringing her home for the night.

All in all, the book provides excellent value, and it is worth buying and reading. Personally I would get Dating Mastery For Men first, but I might buy this one as a supplemental package.
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Highly Recommended


3. Alpha Male System

Taking third place is the Alpha Male System. This is the last product on the top five to achieve the status “highly recommended”..

The Alpha Male system claims to be the lazy man’s way to easy sex and romance with 20 or more women a month. The focus of this one is obviously more on the side of how to land women in the bedroom, but there is content on dating and relationship building as well.

With your purchase you get the John Alexander’s main guide “How to Become an Alpha Male”.

The book itself is laid out well, includes unique ideas, and is quite easy to read. Personally I would put the first two products into the “easier to read” category, but this one isn’t bad.

When I evaluated the ideas that the book taught they did work well. In fact I got as many phone numbers and as many dates as I did with our number two site. I really liked two sections of this book: 3 ‘magic tricks’ you can start using this weekend that will have women begging to have ‘anything goes’ sex with you, and the 7 step seduction system. These two parts were interesting to say the least, and they likely are ideas you would find interesting.

In a few places though, the book does share some ideas that most men would never use (I call them crap tips). Not that it took away from the book, but I would recommend our first two sites more because of these few bad ideas.

All in all, I would recommend the Alpha Male System. If you’re looking for a third book to add to your collection you should make it this one. If you only plan to buy one you’ll still do better with the #1 ranked system.

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Highly Recommended

4. Women Approach You
Taking fourth place is the site Women Approach You. This one sells the book called The Secrets of Natural Attraction. Your purchase also gets you some bonus materials that add a little value to the package.

The ideas taught in this book are actually quite good. Some of the content included is probably material that you’ve heard before, and some of the tips aren’t great, but for the most part the content is quite unique, and is worth the money that the package will cost you.

My biggest complaints about this one aren’t actually that we couldn’t use the tips to pick up women. I did, and they worked. The problem is the way the book is laid out and the way it is written.

The Secrets of Natural Attraction includes some great content. But the writing style makes it hard to follow, and the book is laid out in a way that only adds to the problem. You will eventually get through it and learn what you need to pick up women; but it isn’t an enjoyable read like the first three on our list were.

Our other problem with this one was with the bonus material. There wasn’t a lot of additional content that added value to the package. It’s not bad, but when our first three sites included extras that made for an extreme-value package, the poor bonuses took away from our value rating.

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Also Recommended

000 Relationships

The last site we have to round out the top five is 000 relationships. This site actually sells two different products. It has one targeted at men, and another targeted at women. Obviously, I am talking about the product for men.

This one rated well for meeting and attracting women. In fact I would even place it up there with the #2 rated book. The package includes a lot of content, and that content does teach you ideas that will work well for meeting and attracting women as well as building relationships.

The problem I have with this one is the price. The basic package contains a series of videos/ebooks and costs $47. Of course that in itself isn’t too bad. To get the best content though, you have to choose the upgrade package. For an extra $100, you get the Advanced Secrets of Seduction series that really adds the content you need.

The problem then becomes that at $147, you could buy the first three products on my list and have a few bucks left over. This one is great for the content, but bad on value for that content.

If you’ve gone through every other site on our list and want to have a different perspective on meeting and attracting women, then by all means go ahead with this one.

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